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ACCESS full assessment and tax roll records. 

With a TaxView™ subscription, you'll gain access to all property tax records for a given county—not just your values.


Clients often use TaxView to compare properties, find opportunities, and prepare equity comps. As part of the subscription, you receive updates throughout the year when new values are available, so you'll always have the most up-to-date information. 


Still not sure what's in it for you? TaxView's standardized data can help you:

  • Strengthen your appeal — find properties, build your case, and benchmark your portfolio against competitors with key property record card data that allows for robust analysis.
  • Quickly prepare equity comps — with more than 100 data points (depending on the jurisdiction), TaxView provides an additional layer of insight that makes it easier to compare your properties to others. 
  • Much more — whether you're an in-house tax team or a consultant, we can work with you to find ways for TaxView to enhance your property tax process. 

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The property tax industry can finally take advantage of big data! Because of new technology and automation, we were able to create TaxView to put more information in your hands. In this blog post, PTX CEO, Stephen Wicks, explains the opportunities big data creates for property tax professionals.